About Outer Limit Supply

Outer Limit Supply is a Firefighter-owned supply company. We understand first care needs and the necessary supplies to have on hand for accidents. Being avid outdoorsmen and off-roaders, we also have a desire to get others out of town and into the vast, open spaces of the great outdoors. But life happens no matter where you are, so our first priority is to save lives, and second, provide comfort and care for the outdoors. Our practical, user-friendly First Care Kits cover everything from minor care (splinters, headaches, and busted knuckles) to the life-threatening (diabetic emergencies, CPR, trauma and loss of blood supply). So whether you find your adventures off-grid, outside the 911-system or on your daily commute to school and work, go confidently knowing that our kits have you prepared for whatever life throws at you!