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   Outer Limit Supply is a Firefighter-owned outdoor supply company. We understand first care needs and the necessary supplies to have on hand for accidents. Being avid outdoorsmen and off-roaders, we also have a desire to get others out of town and into the vast, open spaces of the great outdoors. But life happens no matter where you are, so our first priority is to save lives, and second, provide comfort and care for the outdoors. Our practical, user-friendly First Care Kits cover everything from minor care (splinters, headaches, and busted knuckles) to the life-threatening (diabetic emergencies, CPR, trauma and loss of blood supply). So whether you find your adventures off-grid, outside the 911-system or on your daily commute to school and work, go confidently knowing that our kits have you prepared for whatever life throws at you!


“I wanted to thank you for your support during our 2016/17/18 race seasons! Here at Sparrow Motorsports we try not to hurt ourselves, but having an awesome kit is always a peace of mind for me. I know how fast things can go wrong, and having tools to prevent them from getting worse is important. As a nurse I always worry about having the proper equipment to help out, and your kit provides that! We had the need for your kit while at King of the Hammers, and while it was only for some gauze and antibacterial ointment, it was necessary! I keep the kit near our pits, and accessible at all times, and man is it nice to be able to yell for someone to grab the bright yellow box! Our 2017/2018 season is planned, and includes races all over the country again. We will be in some remote areas and it will be nice to have our kit right there with us, hopefully not being used!”

~Kimberly & Hunter Sparrow


Resources & Training Videos

All of the following material and videos are for reference only and are not intended to certify or qualify any individual/group to provide first aid. Outer Limit Supply encourages everyone who participates in outdoor activities to attend both a CPR & Wilderness First Responder Course and always activate the 911 system when faced with an emergency.