Do I need medical training to use one of your kits?

No, but we encourage everyone to become a First Care Provider or, at the very least, take a basic first aid & CPR class. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of exactly what to do, ask others if they have any medical training. Chances are good that someone will have some experience. To be on the safe side, here are links to the CARE card and the American Red Cross’ Wilderness & Remote First Aid pocket guide:

Why an OLS kit?

Aside from our USA made waterproof cases, every kit comes with an approved tourniquet as “standard equipment”. Additionally, our recreational kits meet the ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard for both the workplace and vehicles. To go a step further, we attend the bi-annual C-TECC meetings to ensure that we are providing equipment that has been proven to save a life!!!

How many people can your kits treat?

This question is a wildly subjective question due to the injuries that could be encountered. All of our recreational kits will treat low blood sugar, chest pain, & minor aches and pains but we pride ourselves on the fact that each kit has the ability to treat severe bleeding. Accidents happen, some minor and some major, and we refuse to offer any type of “false security” knowing that injuries involving severe trauma could result in the use of an entire kit! Be leery of any company that claims to cover a specific number of people or one that gives you an hour rating…yet only provide single doses of medications to treat a cardiac or severe allergy related emergencies!

What’s the difference between First aid and First care?

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