FAQ’s – Outer Limit Supply
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Do I need medical training to use one of your kits?

No, but we encourage everyone to take a basic first aid & CPR class. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of exactly what to do, ask others if they have any medical training. Chances are good that someone will have some experience. To be on the safe side, here is a link to the American Red Cross’ Wilderness & Remote First Aid pocket guide:

>> Click Here to Download The Wilderness Remote First Aid Pocket Guide

Do your kits have Mole Skin?

Both our Weekend Warrior and Outback Series Kits come with a compliment of Mole Skin, as well as, Butterfly Closures.

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How many people can your kits treat?

This question is wildly subjective due to the injuries encountered. For instance, all of our kits will treat 66 minor finger lacerations and all will treat a person with low blood sugar, chest pain, or minor aches and pains. However, moderate to severe trauma could result in the use of an entire kit regardless of manufacturer. Be leery of any first aid kit company that claims to cover 1-10 people or one gives you an hour rating!

What is Celox?

Celox is hemostatic granules that stop bleeding fast, including blood containing heparin, coumadin or warfarin. Apply the absorbent granules directly to wound and apply pressure for about 30 seconds. On contact, Celox binds to the surface of red blood cells to form a gel-like plug. It stops bleeding in smaller wounds within seconds and controls mild to potentially life-threatening arterial bleeding within minutes. Celox can be found in our Outback Series Kit.