Julie Perez-Hurley

Boss Lady

Julie is the owner & backbone of Outer Limit Supply. She’s is the rock of our family and a force of nature.  When Travis is on shift, running emergency calls & protecting the city, she is holding down the fort and protecting everything we love. From making sure homework is done and permission slips are signed to kissing boo-boos and healing broken hearts. Field trips, class parties, after-school activities, dinners and bedtime stories. Listening to our daily struggles, our wins and loses. She’s the steady heartbeat of our home & company!

Travis Hurley

The Man Behind Outer Limit Supply

Husband, Dad, Firefighter, Paramedic, and First Care Provider Instructor. Travis’ career in Emergency Services began over 22 years ago in Ventura County, CA. In addition to being an avid Outdoor Enthusiast, he has an extensive background in both Structural & Wildland Firefighting, Technical Rescue, and Emergency Management.

Jessica Benton

The Trainer

Jess is our newest EMS instructor!  She studied Emergency Medicine at Arapahoe Community College and has taught  CPR and EMS in various class settings. You will find her, and her Tacoma (Bruce), in the OLS booth at many of the off-road events in our area. When she’s not out enjoying the adventures of off-road life, Jess is out training and equipping others to handle emergency situations and teaching life-saving skills.

Why We Do What We Do

Our company was founded on the idea of providing high quality First Care Provider kits to make your adventure/ expedition something to remember rather than regret. We have endeavored to supply the life saving equipment you’ll need to mitigate the majority of medical or traumatic injuries often seen outside the city limits.

Our initial goal was simple: Provide practical, user friendly, and cost effective First Aid/Trauma Kits that anyone could use. They needed to have the essentials without the extra expense of unnecessary or useless supplies. Lastly, they needed to cover things like splinters, headaches, and busted knuckles to Diabetic emergencies, CPR, and major trauma.